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Who is The Macro Coach?

They say never judge a book by its cover and as cliché as it may be; I suppose the same can be said about me.

My two biggest passions have always been coding & weight training. One stimulates the brain whilst the other annihilates the body.

In the early stages weight training was just a recreational hobby for me. It was something I enjoyed doing but I didn’t consider it as a possible career choice.

I instead decided to pursue a career in web & software development. I went to university and achieved a BSc in Software Engineering and an MSc in Computer Science.

My university years were hard but during this period I never once gave up on weight training. Instead I found myself becoming more fixated with it, constantly reading and learning about nutrition, exercise and the human body.

In just a short few years, I managed to dramatically transform my physique. It made me ask the question; if I can do this for myself, can I possibly help someone else do the same.

I began my career in web development in 2012 and though I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing, deep down I knew I wanted to do something else.

In 2016, I hung up my mouse & keyboard and decided to become a personal trainer & coach to help others transform their physiques, improve their health and realize their true potential.